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Planning can be exciting, yet daunting if you don’t have much experience. It’s an awful lot to take on. So we’re going to give you three things you need to remember when it comes to planning! 
Take Your Time to Save Time 
The level of detail required in planning is often much more than people anticipate, even for something that seems straight forward. As well as getting the form filling right, quality designs that include the right level of detail, will take time to draw up. With plans being pushed back left, right and centre over the past 20 months, planning authorities may seek to push your deadline back as they deal with the backlog. A leak-proof application may prevent this from happening, but you are also at the peril of the change in weather this time of year. The message here is to be patient and do things once, properly. 
Do Your Research 
We mean this in the broadest sense. You should research the policies of the local authority, which change as national policy changes over time. Using the correct policy to build your case will increase the chance of a positive outcome. Plan your development project and show that you know what you are doing. Research the best materials for your project, the best source for your materials, the length of time the project should take, potential impact on your neighbours and so much more. Know your plans inside and out, so you have the best chance of them being approved. 
Talk to the Locals 
As well as consulting the local authority planners it is good to engage local residents and anybody else your plans may affect. Putting in an application without consulting these parties may result in refusal. You should talk to neighbours, parish councils and potential supporters as in addition to the authorities and the specialists they consult such as highways and conservation officers. Don’t leave anyone in the dark. 
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