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Your rural land and property could welcome hundreds of people and provide them with a special and memorable day like no other. Wanting to give guests a day to remember, conference and wedding planners look for the best venues possible, particularly where there is plenty of space to make your own and countryside views. If you have redundant farm buildings or even a good space for a marquee, you have the opportunity get a slice of this lucrative pie. We’re going to delve into the reasons why you might choose one of these ventures to earn extra income from your land and property. 
Conference Venue 
As people have mostly returned to the office, organisations are seeking out venues in which they businesses can get staff or clients together. They should be flexible, large and comfortable spaces that offer a more professional feel than, for example, a sports hall. Being situated away from the hustle and bustle of urban areas, your rural land and property can provide a calm environment to make visitors feel at ease which will help them engage with the conference. You may be able to offer ample parking for those who are attending which takes away the stress of having to work out transport links. Being able to offer catering options makes your venue more desirable and will boost your income even further. Have a look at part one of this blog series to learn more about food and drink options. 
It’s important to note that this may require a larger investment and storage space than other diversification options when seating, technology and decoration are considered. However, these essential parts of any successful conference venue can be hired which will increase flexibility but means you’re relying on other people’s equipment to be free. 
Wedding Venue 
With the rise of rural and outdoor weddings over the past few years and the backlog of postponed weddings, the demand for venues has never been higher. Gone are the days of traditional weddings as couples seek to make their special day unique to them. With the passing of a new law back in March which now legally permits people to get married outside as long as it’s in a licenced venue, this is the perfect opportunity for you to diversify your rural land and property in this way. Put this together with the ever-increasing cost of living, some couples may choose a non-traditional, more relaxed, bohemian style wedding, for which rural settings are ideal and can offer a cost-effective style of wedding. With anything from full silver service through to a barbeque or hog roast, the flexibility is endless. 
And of course, the option for an outdoor fire-pit to add to the atmosphere…. You could further boost your desirability as a venue (and income potential!) even more by offering your own catering services, accommodation (mentioned in part five of this series) and the opportunity to get married at your venue! 
Rural Diversification
Other potential wedding and party solutions, with seemingly infinite capacity, are marquee weddings, for which a rural setting is ideal. Setting up a semi-permanent marquee, service tent and toilets can be all you need, apart from the Planning Permission, if it is over 28 days a year. A significant part of the cost of the marquee is in the manpower it takes to put it up and take it down. Keeping one up for up to 9 months of the year can allow you to offer another cost-effective option to investing in converting farm buildings. Think about your setting to increase appeal of the venue by choosing one in a special setting, with a good view or backdrop for photos. 
Do you offer your rural land or property as a conference or wedding venue? We’d love to know how you’ve turned it into a success and what bumps in the road you may have hit along the way. 
Equally if you think you have the buildings or open space which could be perfect for entertaining and would like to explore whether you need planning and how we can help you, contact us at Landscope. We have a wealth of experience in Rural Planning to share, including in planning for venues. 
This blog series is designed to inspire rural businesses to undertake diversification projects to increase income streams and improve revenue. It’s important to remember that not all land and property is suitable for every method of diversification so be realistic before setting your heart on a project. Also, following your passions is more likely to result in long term success. 
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