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If you have a pet, you know that they need some extra care and attention every now and then, whether it be a check-up at the vets or a fancy new hairdo. Your rural land and property have the potential to welcome animals of all shapes and sizes. 
Grooming Service 
Your land could provide a lovely place for our pets to come and get some TLC. Whilst some may not mind heading into urban areas, a picturesque landscape can attract people and their four-legged friends from far and wide. You could turn your love for animals into a viable business which sees you meet all kinds of pets and return them to their humans looking even better than when you met them. 
Pet Shop 
A rural pet shop can provide an authentic feeling by allowing pet parents to find food, toys and accessories for their pets in a setting that is closer to their natural habitat. You will be able to offer a more personal service to animal lovers that chain pet stores just can’t. This will help build a reputation within the community and can give you an edge on those larger competitors. 
Whether it’s going on holiday, moving house or going away for work, many pet owners require accommodation for their furry friends for several reasons. Being able to offer a variety of options can help you become the go-to place for both short-term day-care or long-term kennels or catteries. Good indoor and outdoor space is required for this but just how much will depend on your capacity. 
Veterinary Facility 
Rural areas can also make great homes for a veterinary facility. The benefits of being out of town for veterinary facilities include extra space to keep animals overnight, extra space to see to larger animals, quiet surroundings to help with anxiety in pets and outside areas for rehabilitation. Naturally, this comes with the added need for a practicing veterinarian to want to take on your space and might bring more challenges than any other pet service. 
This blog series is designed to inspire rural businesses to undertake diversification projects to increase income streams and improve revenue. It’s important to remember that not all land and property is suitable for every method of diversification so be realistic before setting your heart on a project. Also, following your passions is more likely to result in long term success. 
Make sure you look out for our next blog in the series, which will delve into the world of Rural Accommodation. 
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