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Understanding and applying for planning permission can be a lengthy and complicated process. 
Whether you are looking to extend an existing property, add a brand-new building or add equestrian facilities, you may require planning permission. 
As a good starting point, we have compiled two short lists of instances or facilities that would require planning permission and those that would not. 
Barn conversion
So, without further ado, here are some examples of ‘When you need it’ and ‘When you don’t need it’ when it comes to planning permission. 
When you need it: 
● Agricultural property – new agricultural tied dwellings, barns & other storage facilities, hard standing, excavation works, new gateways and driveways, effluent/drainage management facilities, major landscaping, and engineering works 🚜 
● Equestrian property, for both commercial and domestic end use – equestrian tied dwellings, equestrian 🐴 and facilities (stables, barns, arenas, horse walkers, hard standing, gallops 
● Development land - for housing or commercial uses 🏠 
● Fisheries facilities 🐟 
● Renewable energy proposals ♻ 
● New enterprises which involve public access 
When you need planning permission
When you don’t: 
● Outbuildings such as sheds, garages, greenhouses 
● House extensions within a certain size limit 🏠 
● Most garage conversions 
● Loft conversions within a certain size limit 
● Porches 
● Fences up to a certain height 
● Swimming pools that do not exceed 50% of the area of the garden 🏊 
● Roof replacements 
● Interior renovations 🔨 
When you do not need planning permission
When you might not need full planning: 
● Barn conversions to residential dwellings (under Class Q) and to commercial use (under Class R) 
● New Agricultural buildings up to 1000m2 (and meeting certain other conditions) 
● Change of use of land and buildings in some circumstances 
At Landscope we are experienced in planning permission, whether you need it or not! We can support you in various ways whether you are a private individual or a business. 
Find out more about how we can help you with our planning consultancy services
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