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Landscope successful in securing planning permission for comprehensive farmyard 
Landscope have been successful in guiding the development of a site in open countryside, through the whole planning process, to achieve full permission for a large farmyard with an agricultural dwelling. From presenting initial proposals to the Local Planning Authority, at the preliminary planning stage, through a complex planning application process, most recently to the discharge of conditions, our client has been able to realise his ambitions to build a house and farming enterprise 
planning permission agricultural buildings Warwickshire
Photograph of site during construction (agricultural buildings incorporating sustainable  
timber frames, etc) 
The Case 
The client approached Landscope seeking advice about the potential for development of farmland to build an entirely new farmyard. The site lies in the open countryside and is designated as within the West Midlands Green Belt, where new development is only permitted in 'Very Special Circumstances'. Furthermore, proposals for new rural workers' dwellings in the countryside should only be permitted in exceptional circumstances. 
Green Belt Land Warwickshire
Warwickshire Green Belt Map
The client's long-held aspiration was to change careers and lifestyle by setting up and running a new farming enterprise. Before approaching Landscope, our client had recently purchased a large parcel of farmland in rural Warwickshire with the desire to build an extensive new farmyard as the centre of the farming enterprise, as well as a house in which he and his family could live. In order to ensure that the enterprise remained viable over the long term, the farmyard was to initially comprise the following: 
1 x agricultural workers' dwelling 
2 x livestock barns 
1 x workshop 
Open muck/straw storage areas 
Landscaping, including soil bund, boundary planting and hardstanding 
A smaller-sized farmyard was unlikely to provide a base or to be financially viable for a successful farming business. Our client's requirements, whilst entirely understandable, were also extremely complex and challenging in planning terms. There is a prevailing default presumption against new development in the countryside. Most new development, including agricultural buildings, require strong justification and reasoning as to why they should be permitted in the countryside. 
Our Response 
Landscope advised that due to the complexity and challenging nature of the development proposals, it would be prudent to undertake a complete preliminary planning enquiry to the Council. He agreed to this and we submitted a preliminary planning enquiry to Stratford upon Avon District Council. Within the Council's full response, Officers identified several issues which would require addressing as part of any planning application, namely the principle of development; justification of the sceme in the Green Belt; and impact on the landscape. 
Landscaping Plan
Farmyard construction Warwickshire
Landscope reviewed the comments made by the Planning Officer and discussed the matter with the client. We amended the design of the scheme and submitted a detailed planning application seeking permission for the siting and construction of the farmyard, balancing our client's requirements with the guidance from the Officer's comments. 
During the planning application process, we undertook extensive and regular discussions with the Planning Case Officer to identify any potential issues with the application. Due to our careful negotiation with the Planning Authority, planning permission was granted for the construction of the entire farmyard, including the agricultural workers' dwelling, in the Green Belt in December 2022. Following the grant of planning permission, Landscope also successfully handled the applications to discharge the pre-commencement conditions, which relate to landscaping and external lighting. 
Ultimately, Landscope were able to take our client through each stage of the planning process from assessing the potential for a new farmyard on undeveloped greenfield and Green Belt land; and successfully guiding the development proposals through the planning aplication and the discharge of conditions. The client has now commenced work on the farmyard and is looking forward to living on the farm once the construction works are complete. 
What our client thought 
I was first introduced to Landscope by one of their existing clients, who recommended the firm after they undertook a successful preliminary planning enquiry on their behalf in Northamptonshire. Following undertaking a preliminary planning enquiry in respect of my own site, Landscope managed to secure planning permission for the development of agricultural land for a new complete farmyard with farm house in the countryside. Landscope also discharged the pre-development conditions, including landscaping and lighting. At every stage I have been really pleased with how Landscope's Sam Franklin and Ian Taylor have handled the application. 
Phil Darby, Aston Clinton 
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