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Farmers and Landowners have a resource which is often overlooked as an asset in its own right: Space. This can be shared in so many ways with individuals and groups across a wide range of activities which value space. It can simply be offering a space for hire right through to adding value by providing the activities and services to use the space. There are many benefits to hosting events on your land/property. 
Rural wedding
Country wedding venue
Hosting events on your land can provide a steady stream of income. By renting out your land for activities, parties, corporate events, and more, you can turn your land into a profitable venture. The cost, both capital and ongoing, of hosting events on your land can vary, but the potential for profit is significant. 
Very popular, and previously covered in this blog series, are weddings. 
No suitable barn to convert? No problem! Many couples love a marquee wedding and the setting becomes the unique aspect. This can either involve a high level of investment, and may well require planning permission, such as providing car parking, new access points and other tangible assets.  
If it is just summer weddings, a dry, well mown field can provide all the infrastructure you need! Even generators, water bowsers and loos can be hired in to provide the necessary services. 
Additionally, hosting events on your land can also provide a unique experience for your guests. By renting out your land, you can offer a one-of-a-kind setting for events, from scenic outdoor weddings to intimate gatherings. Your guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of your land and create lasting memories in a unique and special setting. 
You don’t necessarily need to limit your numbers either; venues for large events, whilst needing to engage with the Local Authority, may well not need planning permission. Festivals (from a one-night jazz festival through to a 4-day camping and music extravaganza, Car Boot Sales and Country Fayres – all need space and location. 
Creating an activity venue can use land which is less productive or unsuitable for cultivation, for example scrub and wood land for archery tag, clay pigeon shooting, wargaming, bushcraft and outdoor adventure games. Let your imagination run wild with themes – most props can be sourced these days to transform what looks like a grass field into a medieval battlefield! 
Tracks can be laid for mountain biking, bike parks, moto-cross or off-road buggy driving, particularly where land is undulating. Services such as mobile cafes and even specialist shops can offer added value. One client of ours converted a double decker bus as a café and bike shop for his venue which hosted cycling activities. 
Farmland and parkland offer great spaces for film companies to hire – from making blockbuster movies through to Weetabix Ads. Film Producers will pay for the right venue and you don’t necessarily need a stately home in the background. Just be aware of noise and uncontrollable activity….avoid locations close to airfields! 
Mountain biking
When it comes to using your land as a venue for hire, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, you need to make sure that your land is properly equipped to handle events. This may involve making improvements such as installing toilets, adding electricity, and creating a parking area. You should also consider obtaining necessary permits and insurance to protect yourself and your guests. 
Additionally, it's important to create a clear and detailed contract with your clients and seek the right public liability insurance. This should include information on the rental fee, the event schedule, and any restrictions or requirements for the event. You should also clearly outline your expectations for the event, such as guidelines for decorations, noise levels, and cleanup. 
In conclusion, using your land as a venue for hire can be a great way to drive income from your property and offer a unique experience for your guests. By carefully considering the requirements and restrictions, you can turn your land into a successful and profitable venue. So, if you're looking for a creative way to maximise your land, consider using your space to host events on your property and start generating new income streams today! 
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