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As you think about starting your self-build house journey, obtaining planning permission can seem daunting.  
However, approaching the process strategically and taking your time will serve you well. We'll talk you through assessing site suitability, demonstrating local needs, and ensuring your proposals align with planning policy. 
Let's take a look at where to start: 
Assessing if Your Site Is Wanted 
To determine if your site is suitable for a self-build house, there are several factors you must consider. Firstly, you need to evaluate if there is an identified need for housing in your local area that aligns with your proposal. Local authorities determine housing needs based on population growth projections and the demand for specific types of homes. You must demonstrate how your self-build house will help meet this need. 
Location and Access 
Consider your site’s location and access, the site should be in an area designated for residential use in the local plan. It must have safe, legal access to a road as well as utilities like water and electricity. The topography and ground conditions should also be suitable for building homes. 
Planning Policy Compliance 
These policies will dictate factors like the number of homes allowed on your site, their size, layout, and design. Your plans should align with policies around sustainability, renewable energy use, parking, and landscaping. Engage with your local authority's planning department to understand how their policies apply to your site. 
Undertake thorough research, provide evidence and data to support your key points, and demonstrate how your self-build house aligns with both the housing needs and planning policies. This will give your proposal the strongest chance of success! 
How Landscope Help You 
Pre-application Advice 
Landscope offers a pre-application advice service to help you understand how planning policy relates to your site and proposal. We will review the site details and concept designs with you to identify any potential issues early on. This helps ensure your application addresses all the key considerations, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome. 
Application Project Management 
Preparing and submitting a planning application, particularly for self-build house plots, can be a complex process. Landscope provides a full project management service, guiding you through each stage of the application and handling all elements on your behalf. 
Full Support Along the Way 
Obtaining planning permission for self-build house plots can be complicated, but with the support of experienced consultants like the Landscope team, the process is made significantly easier. Our expertise and experience in gaining planning permission for self-build developments mean we are well-equipped to navigate challenges and resolve any issues that arise. 
We hope this advice provides a useful starting point as you embark on your self-build journey. Though the journey ahead may bring hard challenges, with preparation and perseverance, your dream home can become a reality. We wish you the very best in your planning application and future projects! 
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